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Riley is no stranger to the entertainment industry or country music. She grew up listening to country but thought the better road was pop/rock. Finally it became crystal clear to Riley she was meant to be singing, and specifically, country!

With her acting roles, movie scripts and an award-winning book, Riley is most excited about finally sharing her music. Below Riley talks about her first single, IF I SAID HOWDY TO YOU, as well as other upcoming songs off her debut album, SURRENDER LAUGHING.

“The title SURRENDER LAUGHING came to me one night when I finally realized, much to my dismay, that I know nothing. What a tremendously freeing and also funny moment! And I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s like we all, well…I’ll only speak for myself… I have spent most of my life trying to control everything. Anything. Not just my life. Everyone else’s too. For some crazy reason, we all think…ok, I think…that I somehow know better than the Power that created the Universe?! Not so much. So when I finally and literally threw my hands up in the air and surrendered, I had to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Me thinking I knew anything…The song SURRENDER LAUGHING says basically there is always a plan, and there is always going to be a better day. BUT, we just have to trust God, or whatever higher Power you believe in. You have to know what you need is coming. You have to surrender, so you might as well do it laughing!

We all have that guy {or girl} who, for some reason, makes you wonder what you ever saw in them when they bring up the ” I don’t want anything serious” conversation. NOTHING SERIOUS is dedicated to all those who have said “Hey, I kinda like you” to someone … only to change your mind about a week later. And before you ask, yes. True story.

is a ballad that focuses on The One that we all had in our lives. Most likely, they’ve moved on! This song is from the side that has not.

popped into my head as I was getting ready to go to bed. I was throwing on an old wife beater which, honestly, has no purpose being worn anymore. To say it’s threadbare is a compliment. Earlier that day I noticed both of my favorite jeans were sporting holes in the patches covering up the first holes. I’ll take a campfire and hanging out over any fancy party. I drive a truck and I’ve been known to throw out a few colorful words. :o) That said, I’M MORE TRASH THAN WHITE is simply a fun song with the brilliant Chris Stewart on fiddle and the amazing Paul-Alexander Fuller on banjo.

is the first single and also the first song I’ve ever written. The song is about a girl and a guy who have yet to meet… That’s all I’ll say for now!

Worth noting:
Riley has worked as an actress and writer on many television shows, including the hit television drama, Felicity and the popular tv movie, What About Your Friends. Riley also wrote and starred in the highly rated ABC television movie, Christmas at Water’s Edge.

Riley has a supporting lead in the indie feature film, Footprints.
On any given night, you can see one of her many television movies air on The Hallmark Channel or Lifetime. Now airing: The Nanny Express, Always and Forever and Dark Beauty.

Her debut novel, before i go, has received three awards: an IPPY Award for Story Teller of the Year, the Grand Prize at The New York Book Festival, as well as the top honor as Best Fiction. And lastly, she received a Book Sense Pick Award.

Riley is starring in the movie version of before i go, based on a script she wrote. This has never been done before! The project is being developed now.


Riley Weston Music Sampler

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Realy Riley

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Surrender Laughing

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Love Hurts

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